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Privacy Policy

As the leading dentist in India for many years, thousands of our patients trust us to treat their dental issues effectively. We have a state-of-the-art facility with experienced dentists to provide advanced dental treatment at affordable costs. Though we value our patients, this privacy policy is for their safe use of our website and the information we collect from them to improve our services.

Our dental clinic, for easy reference in the privacy policy, gets referred to as “we,” “ours,” and ‘us.” The website visitors get referred to as “users,” and the patients from whom we collect information get referred to as “you,” “yours.” We request that site users and patients read the privacy policy until the end and stop visiting the site or using our services if they are not agreeable to its terms.

We reserve our right to change any terms of the privacy policy, and it is the responsibility of the users to know them and agree to avail themselves of our expert services. The publication of this privacy policy complies, among other things, with Section 43 A of the IT Act, 2000. Also, by Regulation 4  of the IT reasonable security practices & Procedures and SPI, or service personal information rules 2011, and as per the IT Regulation 3(2) Intermediate Guidelines Rules, 2011. 

What information do we collect from our website users and patients?

We collect basic patient information, like contact details, names, dates of birth, insurance policies, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. All of it is for contacting the patient for further and better dental treatment to solve many dental issues. It is because the pain in the tooth is unbearable that it can cause severe pain and prevent you from doing any routine work. Also, we collect past medical records, treatment options, hereditary reasons, etc. And for the visitors of our sites, we use cookies to know their IP address, location, what they search for on the site, and others.

Why do we collect information from users?

Data is important in this digitalized medical world to analyze dental conditions and offer the best treatments. And to call the patients for further treatment options, after-operation or treatment advice, and follow-ups. Also, the information we collect from our sites is used to improve our services to visitors who become our customers. We highlight all our expert dental services at affordable costs to treat their many dental issues. 

Is the data collected by us safe?

We value and safeguard our client’s private information with the utmost care and concern. Also, we comply with all the IT laws to use the information only for the right purpose and not misuse it. And we share the information only with concerted doctors and have strict access restrictions. Hence, our patients and users trust us to give them their information to be safe and for better treatments.

If the site users do not want us to know what information they search for, they can turn off the cookies. Also, if you want to change or delete any information from our site, you can call or email us.

For further queries about privacy policy, contact:

Phone no: +91-7754005300

Email: appointment@dqcares.com